Captain of the Empire on Griffon showcase.

This is the latest addition to my Empire mercenary contingent: A captain mounted on a baby griffon (which will count as pegasus). The model is based on the High elf Noble from the Island of Blood kit. I removed almost every part of the elf except from the greaves/sabatons and tassets covering his legs. I then added the upper body of an Empire knight since I wanted the 16th century pauldrons iconic to Empire fullplate armour. The Sallet helmet is from the demigryph knights kit and gives a nice order of the Blazing sun-feel to the rider. To cover up my messy knife work on the back of the griffon, where the elf saddle-thingy was, I added a fur cape from and old Mordheim sprue. The model is really dynamic and a pleasure to paint since most of my army is made up of rag tag armour and slashed dirty clothing.




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