Pranzipald von Plessen – Empire Grandmaster

We are currently running a thematic escalation campaign set in the northeastern imperial province of Ostland. The campaign is based around an alliance of destruction forces trying to invade Ostland to wreck havoc and claim mighty relics from its’ treasuries. To aid Ostlands poor defense elven princes and sell-sword ogres rally around a formidable imperial force to fight for gold and/or glory! After our first games the forces of destruction managed to capture two regions on the campaign map as a result of a poorly coordinated defense crumbling like a house of cards. The armies are more fluffy than competitive and my force was led by a young and naive witch hunter, armed only with his priced light armor (glittering scales) and a brace of pistols – not the best available empire general but a damn cool one!



I’ve wanted a model to stand in for a mounted hero for some time, either as a Grandmaster of the Order or an Elector Count of some sort (Ostland?). I didn’t quite like the official Grandmaster models so I went out to look for alternatives. My Grandmaster is based on Gamezone Miniatures mounted Warrior Monk and I think the relic-style armor gives him a very Knightly Order-like look. I did a simple headswap for one of my favourite helmets from the demigryph kit and also switched his two-handed hammer for a sword (also from the demis). The original model leans down a bit from his saddle as if he’s steering his horse hard to its left and since I wanted my character to sit more straight the reigns didn’t quite fit in place. Instead of connecting the reigns with greenstuff I just added a shield with the heraldry of Ostland (ofcourse!) to cover the gap. Here he is, Pranzipald von Plessen on his mighty destrier!

If you’d like to look at the campaign material follow this link (in swedish!): The Siege of Ostland!


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