Reinforcements come late at night!

I just reveived a package from ProGloria Miniatures containing some additional landsknechts for my mercenary army and they look sharper than ever! I already have a full unit of 25 marching pikemen from ProGloria but wanted to try out the standing ones, either to fill upp the back ranks or to use as smaller detachments. The sculpts are crisp and clean, as always from ProGloria, and I can’t come up with another company worthy of competing with the quality of this historical landsknecht-line (although Foundry is a close runner-up!). The miniatures have little or no flash and after rinsing with hot water and soap I only spent about 5 minutes cleaning the most obvious mould lines. The price tag comes in at about 15 euros per blister (of 8 miniatures) and 10 euros for  a command. I recommend buying their regiment deals which gives you a total of 24 soldiers marching or standing at ease for 40 euros. Trust me when I say they’re worth every cent!

I know the lighting isn’t the best but here are some pictures of my reinforcements. I’ll be back as soon as they’ve got some colour on their dress! The poses are very natural and details like the glasses on the drummer really adds alot of character.

std.reg std.reg2



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