“We’re Airborne – We’re meant to be surrounded!” – Part 2

I spent last night putting the first Veteran squad together and here it is looking fiercer than ever! Some shoulder pads are still not glued in place, this is because I need to do some greenstuff work and fill small gaps around armpits on figures that have been reposed. The kneeling plasma specialist was converted from a pair of arms holding a lasgun (since there’s only 2 pair of special weapon arms in the kit). I’m very happy about how he came out and I imagine him mowing down bugs in a panic-like manner. The squad took about 3hrs to build and I divided it into two sections/fire teams (just like any modern day assault squad) to give a more realistic look. The first section is assaulting with grenades and is made up mostly of advancing or duelling poses, while the second section is giving supportive fire. 1st.vet 1st.vet2 1t.vet1


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