Come December, come the Dark Elves!

I’ve always wanted to build a competetive and aggressive Dark elf force to complement my “softer” Empire army, and with the release of the 8th edition armybook and new shiny toys, opportunities for unorthodox builds were suddenly made possible: so I got on the train heading for Additional-projects-land. On release day, I picked up a couple of boxes of the new dark rider/warlock kit, assembled and primed 10 Dark riders, 5 Doomfire warlocks and put them in a box in the wardrobe never to be seen again. My inspiration had burnt away as fast as it had been ignited.

All summer passed by and I played alot of great games with my Empire against Ogres, Dwarfs, Orcs & Goblins and even some Dark Elves. The only problem with my Empire army is my love for it. I try really hard to paint and convert stuff as good as possible which, unfortunately, also means it will probably not get finished within a foreseeable future. So a couple of weeks ago I dug up my half-started elves and figured I’d give the project a second chance. What if I could speedpaint this army to get my head of the flamboyant knechts of my mercenary contingent? Challenge accepted! I’m going for a themed and fun, yet competetive army: my frenzied executioners showcased in an earlier post is an exampe of this. Now its time to show my first unit of Dark riders which I managed to paint in two evenings.

The paintjob really puts the F in fast (while still meeting some of my hard-to-kill standards). The horses were airbrushed using three shades of grey. All metal parts were then painted using Gunmetal Grey from Vallejo, washed black, and finally highlighted using the same metal color. The cloaks were painted in three different layers of green based on Reflective Green from the Vallejo line (my poor yellow lightbulb might blurr some of the layers). Using a streaking effect on the cloaks helps to add some movement and speed to the dynamic models. I added rings of white paint to the spear shafts and horses’ legs to add some sort of ritualistic and tribal feel to the cavalry since the theme of the army is based around a serpent cult. The elves were finally painted in a warm fleshtone to add some balance to the otherwhise dominant cold grey horses and snowy bases.Overall I’m pleased with the end result and the second unit is lined up for painting within the week.

Now, pictures!




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