Wir zogen in das Feld! – My Empire mercenary contingent.

I recently finished my 2400pts Empire army for the upcoming Swedish Championships held in Jönköping this year. Over the last three to four weeks I managed to dish out another archer detachment, a handfull of pikemen, a small unit filler for my pike block, 8 greatswords, 10 Knights and the emperor Karl Franz himself – represented by my Grandmaster conversion. I truly enjoy seeing the army fielded in blazing coloured hose and jackets, mixed with the ‘white’ steel plate armour and a forest of pikes and lances.

My main theme is based around an ad-hoc recruited army from different city states around the Empire and the mercenary states. Given my love for the historical line from (former) ProGloria and Foundry miniatures about half of the army is made up of 28mm historicals. I’m also a big fan of the multicoloured look of 16th century landsknechts shown in contemporary manuscripts, paintings and woodcuts so I quickly decided to abandon the uniform look of any official “Empire artwork” and fluff. The rest of the army is either Perry-era Empire sculpts or new plastic kits that give the army a final fantasy touch. To make a final push to 3000pts I have yet another detachment of 10 Foundry arquebusiers and 34 (!!!) halberdiers with lots of options for command figures. I’m also considering adding another unit of knights but we’ll see how far I can get before other projects turn up.

The list I played at the Swedish Championships was by no means an ultra competitive on but a rather themed allround army, not heavily invested in any aspect of the game. This was also the first time I tried the ETC comp system which I find quite liberating in comparison to the swedish comp system, although I can see some of the critique against ETC comp and how it streamlines competitive army builds. I think my match results (10-10, 19-1, 10-10, 13-7 and 12-8) reflected my list quite well. It’s an army that definately can win, but it will have a hard time winning big. It’s also an army that can play defensively to conserve points and go for a tie, but when the house of cards starts to crumble it will lose big. Overall I’m equally pleased with how it it looks as how it plays, besides, who wouldn’t take spearmen over halberdiers if they come in multicoloured hose?! The list:

Karl Franz the Emperor: General, Barded Warhorse, Fullplate armor, Ghal Maraz, The Silver Seal, 394
Wizard Lord: Lvl4, Heavens, Dispell scroll, Opal Amulet, 240
Captain of the Empire: BSB, Fullplate armor, Enchanted Shield, Dawnstone, 121
Captain of the Empire on Imperial Pegasus: Fullplate armor, Lance, Charmed shield, 123
Warrior Priest: Light armor, Handweapon, Shield, Dragonhelm, Ironcurse icon, 82
10 Knights of the Inner Circle: FCG, The Steel Standard, 315
10 Crossbowmen: Standard, 100
24 Spearmen: FCG, 150
5 Archers Detachment, 35
20 Greatswords: FCG, 250
5 Archers Detachment, 35
3 Demigryph Knights: Musician, 184
1 Hellblaster Volleygun, 120
1 Steamtank, 250

Total: 2399

And now for some pictures of the army!



















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