One hobbyist’s trash is another hobbyist’s treasure.

There was a flea market today at Spelens Hus in Malmö which I had no plans to attend since it seemed to be oriented towards boardgames, manga/collectables and retro console games rather than tabletop games and miniatures at first. Then I heard that an old friend of mine, Ola, who used to run a local gaming store a couple of years ago would show up with his arms full of ol’ glorious junk from the closed store which, of course, caught my interest! When me and Herman arrived at the venue there was about 50 people in line for the opening and we had to wait for a couple of minutes before they let us in. Once inside we quickly made our way past tables covered with old console games or boring piles of manga and headed towards the blister box at Ola’s corner. My hope was that I’d find a Reaper Bolt thrower or two for my Dark Elves but I ended up filling my bag with lots of other goodies from the past!

DSC_0539I see heaps of lead, some plastics too, and I think to myself, what a wonderful world (of neverending projects)!

The loot I brought home was incredible and for the price I paid It could almost be considered a pure giveaway, but I guess Ola was glad enough the stuff found a new loving home rather than keeping it stashed in his garage for eternity. First of all I managed to lay my hands on a sealed Goblin wolf chariot. All I have to do now is replace the wolves with fresh ones from the fenrisian kit and mount this bad boy on a proper base! I also got a hold of two untouched Spear Chukkas. I had two Chukkas a while ago but I gave them to a friend who was starting a greenskin army so I have no real use for them, but then I guess you can never have enough pointy killy things in an Orc army. Last up is the classic Orc Great Shaman which I’ve hunted on ebay for a while, it truly is without doubt one of the best Orc sculpts to date!


I also found some complementary pieces for my Beastmen, a project that is pretty much at halt right now but I find it hard to pass down a good deal, especially when it includes the old metal Pestigors. I managed to dig out a complete command, usually sold at a high price on ebay, and 4 additional pestigors for my herd. There were a couple of more blisters of regular rank-and-file goats but I think 18 will be enough for now. I also picked up another 3 Centigors if I ever get drunk enough to field that unit choice. The sculpts are classic though and I’d be surprised if we’ll ever see a plastic remake.


Last but not least I bought an old sealed box of Tsar Boris on his Kislevite white bear, an out of print Canonnes with combi-flamer, a battlesister with a Simulacrum banner, a Death hag and a cauldron attendant from the old cauldron of blood and a Confrontation/Rackham wood elf with bare feet!

DSC_0542 DSC_0544


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