Deploying the Elysian 101st Light Drop Company.

We own the night!

There’s an upcoming 40k tournament at my FLGS tomorrow and since the organisers went easy on the painting requirements I thought I’d let loose my unpainted Elysian 101:st. Although I had to borrow a Vendetta from a friend of mine to get me up to 1500 points, the list is somewhat similar to what I think I’d like to run in the future. I’m a bit low on the body count, with only 30 t3 veterans, a company command squad and some stormtroopers – although I do think three flyers will give me some board control and manouverability. They might also intimidate players who didn’t eat their vegetables and brought descent AA. Wait, is that Wagner echoing throughout the jungle?!


Combined Arms Detachment: Codex Astra militarum.
Company Command Squad: Hvy. Bolter, Vox Caster, Carapace, 107
– Master of the fleet
Veteran squad: Hvy. Bolter, 3x Plasmaguns, Vox caster, Carapace, 135
Veteran squad: Hvy. Bolter, 3x Sniper rifles, Vox caster, Carapace, 96
Vulture Gunship: TL Punisher cannons, chaff launchers, 165 (Imperial Armour: Aeronautica)
Vendetta Gunship: 170
2xArmored sentinels: 2x Autocannon, 90
Stormtrooper Squad (5): 2x Meltaguns, 90
Wyvern Suppression Tank: Camo netting, 80

Allied Detachment: Elysian Drop troops (Imperial Armour 2, 2nd ed.)
Lord Commissar: 80
2xDrop Sentinels: 2x Multimelta, 140
Veteran squad: 7xShotguns, 3x Meltaguns, Carapace, 140
– Valkyrie dedicated transport: Rocket pods, 130
Tauros: Heavy flamer, 40

Combined Arms Detachment: Codex Inquisition.
Ordo Xenos Inquisitor: Power armor, 1x Servo skull, 36

Total: 1499

They’re airborne, they’re meant to be surrounded!

My initial thoughts when building my list was to pack as much specialization as possible. The reason for this is that I don’t have enough Drop Trooper models to field an entire infantry based army. I therefore went for veteran squads as Troops instead of the regular infantry platoons. This might bite me in the back if I get unlucky in the crucial first turns of my games. If I take too much casualties before my air support comes in the squads could get crippled enough to not post any threat in the late game, or worse, even get me tabled early on! To put some meat on the table I first thought of four armoured sentinels but I soon realized I had to move two of them to the allied detachment to make room for more Fast Attack choices. So two of the sentinels will be dropping in hot with AV10 and multimeltas, Elysian style, hopefully finding a sweet spot to put some holes in sides of unwary enemy vehicles, while the other two will begin on the table and provide some support for the infantry with Autocannons and a heavier front armor of 12.

DSC_0543 DSC_0553 DSC_0554

I also brought a Wyvern along for some artillery barrage. This was a tough decision as I really don’t want to wander too far from the light airborne company theme. The tank does bring what this list needs though: artillery templates which force opponents to spread out, leave cover or change their target priority. Untill I can come up with another option that does the same job for a reasonable low points cost the Wyvern will have to stay. In the future I might even add a small group of mechanized guard to tag along the space rangers to make more sense of the choice of bringing a tank. I didn’t like the look of a clumpsy gun shield on the tank so I had to give the quad mortar some plastic surgery. I also added a loader at the back of the tank. All in all I’m really pleased with how the conversion turned out as there was no going back once I started cutting into the bits with my bobby knife!



The centerpieces of the army are my flyers and oh boy are these aircraft ready to fly! One of the Valkyries will combat drop a squad of veterans armed to the teeth with melta- and shotguns turn one which is a nice way of getting some air support on the table early on. For anti personel duty I’m bringing my one of my favourite models in the entire 40k universe: the Vulture gunship. The Vulture is basically a flying Pask which can vector dance to get those twinlinked punishers where they are needed.



As of yet, I haven’t made up my mind on the canopies but I think I’ll just paint them later on with the airbrush. Last but not least I’m fielding a Tauros scout vehicle if we need a late game barbeque in the enemy deployment zone, a squad of five stormtroopers for some extra spec ops, a Master of the fleet to help out with those early reserve rolls and an Inquisitor with servo skulls for some board control and easier grav chute drops/ artillery barrage which is a nice synergy in a drop heavy list like this.

DSC_0557 DSC_0558 DSC_0562

So, what do you think of the list? Leave a comment below because these devils could need some advice!



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