Impact hits! #1

Yet another week has passed and we’re quickly approaching the end of this year. And what a year it has been! The Scattered Dice youtube channel has reached 50 subscribers, most of them during this autumn, and statistics tell me that an average of 219 people have visited this blog every month since January 1st, and peaking over 800 in June as well as December. This makes me glad, since more readers means a higher chance of actually inspiring another wargamer somewhere around the globe. Hopefully this site will continue to grow so that me and my co-bloggers can expand our platform and overall quality.
This week’s post, which will be the first of a series that will continue over the course of the next year, is called ‘Impact hits!’ and aims to highlight and share blogs or youtube channels that have been inspirational to me in one way or another. Following each update, links will also be added to a blogroll in the menus to the right, to make navigation and interaction with other sites easier. I hope you enjoy the series and discover new gems of the hobby!

Two Finnish ratmen and their wicked miniature blog.

Spiky Rat Pack
It feels a bit strange to talk about a blog that hasn’t been uptated since early January 2015, and although this blog is dormant, it is still one of my favourite ‘special places’ to browse whenever I need an overdose of awesome artistic work. The blog was run by two guys, called Mikko and Kari, and their collaborative work was the very reason that brought me back to 40k. Drawing upon the concept art from John Blanche and their own interpretations of the 40k universe, these guys showed me that creating a darker and more sinister far future was totally possible, even though GW miniatures and art seemed to take a more colorful and comic-esque path. These guys are no joke! Using several fantasy and 40k bits, and a lot of greenstuff work, they’ve managed to model and create a pale, gritty, and dark yet realistic concept for their characterful scoundrels and warbands. Both Kari and Mikko are talented painters as well. Take Kari’s true scale Red Corsairs, the hunchback Slaaneshi Cultists, or Mikko’s Task Force Pherion for example, which through both modelling and painting skill, perfectly capture the backside of the vast empire of man, and the ever present threat of chaos and corruption. Also make sure to check out the hurling Arco Evicorators, which opened up my eyes to the use of dark eldar leg-bits, and the insanely cool squat army which merges dwarf- and marine bits in a seemless fashion!

Kari and Mikko have now joined arms with the talented (and third Finnish guy!) Migsula, and moved their wicked creativity to the blog called Iron Sleet, which I highly recommend you to keep an eye on! These guys are true artists in every aspect of this hobby and I admire their work to death. You guys, are awesome and I hope you’ll continue to grow and prosper in your art and hobby.



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