Out with the old, in with the new – 2015 in retrospect.

Every little drop of paint helps.

As the new year dawns, it is time to take a look back at what I achieved in terms of modelling and painting. First of all, this is in no way a post about bragging or guilt tripping other hobbyists, but rather a way for me to look back on the year that passed in order to set new goals for the year to come. I don’t paint everything that I buy, and in fact, I think no one really does. I have tons of unfinished projects, untouched sprues and models that have been put together and awating primer in some dark corner of my apartment. So for me, modelling is more about enjoying the process of putting together figures that look cool, spending late nights with a cup of tea to improve my brush technique, or forging a narrative around a project rather than completing the army in itself. Not completing projects is normal. That being said, there’s always a nice feeling of enjoyable wholeness when I see a finished project that has taken up a lot of my time.DSC_0541

I managed to paint a total of 123 models over the course of 2015, which is actually a lot for me since I’m used to painting one miniature at a time. Divided over the whole year that is roughly one model every third day. The only completed project this year was my 2500 pt. Empire army for Warhammer Fantasy. The army had been in slow progress for about two and a half years, but as my gaming group decided to attend a couple of grand tournaments this year, I found inspiration in the pressure to complete the army since the tournament organizers only allowed fully painted forces. I also managed to kickstart my Dark Elf army by batch painting 10 dark riders, a handfull of harpies and some characters. There’s still about 30 models to go before I reach the 1500 pt. middle line though. And don’t even get me started on the Elysian infantry drop regiment.

What about the unfinished masses then? Well, lets just say that I assembled and based about 200 models this year. Within this lot I have a fairly large Beastmen army with about 30 bestigors, enough bits for 3 custom chariots, an awesome minotaur unit from the talented sculptor Allan Carrasco, plus some other odds and ends. I also bought some Eldar stuff through second hand for some future 40k cheese. I’m currently under way to sort out some stuff that I can sell in order to narrow down the amount of games to play. As for next year, I might even get back into Flames of War by taking up my British parachute company from Arnhem.


Something to look forward to.

So, when I look into my foreseeing orb of plastic crack I see both new and old projects for the new year. My main goal is to complete  about 1850 pts. for the Elysian 101st and I’d love to take a plummet into the Horus Heresy universe if I could just make up my mind whether to go legion or imperial cult/militia. I’m also looking forward to improving other hobby related content for the Youtube channel. I just ordered a nice gaming mat from gamemat.eu (a review will come in due time) and I’m determined to make a nice set of terrain for my very own gaming table. The reason behind this is both business and pleasure, as I’d like to make high quality battle reports with my gaming friends as well as just creating an opportunity to play more games. If the channel can grow enough during the year I’m also willing to invest in a better camera and lighting so that I don’t have to film videos through my smartphone anymore. Regarding this blog, me and my co-writers will continue to release some sort of updates, articles or posts every Friday, with special releases on some Wednesdays as well, all for the sake of continutiy and readable content.

I hope you had a great past year and an even better one ahead of you, thank you for supporting and following my hobby adventures!


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