Amassing the Tagma (SAGA Byzantines)

bild 1

Swedens first SAGA tournament a Clash of Dice is coming up. I am working fervently to paint up terrain and muster some thematic Byzantines. In this post I will display all my finished models to the slings and sticks of the internet masses. The models are from Gripping beast and the transfers are from Little Big Men Studios. The minis themselves are similar in quality to what Games Workshop did back in the 90s.

The big disappointment is the Strategos model sitting on the least fed miniature horse I’ve seen. Even with the Byzantine legendary fondness for torture and mutilation considered, this was too much cruelty. I had to completely re-sculpt the back end of the horse. The animal can now handle the big guy and all that armor without breaking its spine.


Inspiration was drawn from various online historical drawings. I’ve seen many paint their Byzantines uniformly but I went with diversity. Flicking through the Madrid Skylitzes influenced me to go with red, blue and green clothing.
According to some written manuals, Byzantine shields should be painted the same in each unit. The shields and bases tie the army together, I hope.
The Strategos or the Byzantine general. Thematic Byzantine armies were very large and probably the Strategos wouldn’t fight himself. I will probably switch him out for a lesser count or centurion. But he does look pimp in all that purple.
First time since forever I slap paint on horses. I’ve also sculpted some small bags on the horsemen.
The doughty Skutatoi. The Byzantine Empire was multi ethnic and I tried out various skin tones.
The General urges his troops forward. I’ve made some very basic greenstuff bags and pouches for the infantrymen.

Hope you all enjoyed this and maybe find some inspiration. Until next time.



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