Byzantine cavalry for SAGA

2016-05-06 18.52.06
Byzantine Cavalrymen with S-foils locked in attack position.

Just a quick update on the Kavalleroi Hearthguard I’ve been working on. With them finished I finally have 4 points of painted Byzantines ready to make war and not love. I’ve been really enjoying the intricacies of this painting project so far.

Since last time I’ve received some painting tips on the SAGA forums (nice people but horrible forum layout). A friendly forumite thought my bases were way too bright and I should pick a more neutral color. Steel Legion drab is the color of all base lips I’ve done and I figured to mix things up once in a while. But the internet was right, drab base color makes the paint job stand out better. The red brown was stealing some thunder from my complex patterns and details.

2016-05-06 18.52.43
Some inspiration was drawn from historical reenactors, like spears in different colors to suggest various form of wood. The tin spears fall off all the time. Changing them is a good idea.

The two main challenges painting the Byzantine cavalrymen was finding interesting decorations for their clothes and painting the horses. I’m rather fond of their clothes but horses are still a learning process.

2016-05-06 18.56.03
Some close up ass shots. The swords are from the Gripping Beast plastic Thegn set.

I’ve also learned some things on my travels that I want to pass down to fellow miniature enthusiast. Basing metal cavalry on raised 25×50 mm bases is not the best idea. Their high center of mass makes them too unstable for the gaming table. If I could travel back in time and redo them, I would try out the thinner Renedra bases or round 30mm ones.

The second thing that was a bit more irritating is that the Little Big Men Studio decals were too big for the teardrop shields. I had to cut each decal down but this made separating the decals from the clear plastic film almost impossible. Perhaps the adhesive properties of the plastic film are dependent on the size of the piece or some chemical reaction has taken place, but I’ve already ruined 4 out of 12 and feel like a total loser.

2016-05-06 18.55.51
The shields are too small for the decals.

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