Road to No Retreat 3 – Elysian Light Drop Company so far

Hey guys and gals!

Here are some pictures of my 101st light infantry company so far. All I have left to paint now is a fourth veteran squad, a second company command squad, a commissar, and a couple of advisors for the commanders. It’s been a rough summer: with aching shoulders and a lot of hunch back nights by the painting table, but they’re comming together pretty tight. As soon as the army is done I’ll write up a tactica and present my armylist, as well as getting some propper pictures taken in a real photo booth. Hope you enjoy!

Here’s  a short spin of the latest squad


2 thoughts on “Road to No Retreat 3 – Elysian Light Drop Company so far

  1. Hi!
    How did you make all The plasma/melta gunners?
    I have loads of weapons but nog enough correct arms to carry them!

    • Hey there, I simply cut and carved off the lasguns from regular lasgun arms and fitted the special weapons to them. It’s a fiddly process but it looks great in the end since the lasgun arms have the weapon stocks shouldered. Save the stocks to create a better firing pose.

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