Attention on deck! – Fleet Commander ready for action

This week I finished my Master of the Fleet for the Elysian Company Command Squad. To be able to spend an entire evening on a single miniature was truly joyful since I’ve been pumping out batches of guardsmen for the past couple of weeks. I chose a dark base color for his uniform and highlighted it up to a rich deep blue. The edges were picked out with a crisp white lining to create the look of an officer who’s more used to standing on the bridge of a Navy vessel than in the swirling dust of the front lines. The webbing was painted in the same khaki colors as the rest of my army to represent the fact that the officer was handed basic field gear from the company Quarter Master prior to deployment.
I converted the model from the Forgeworld Titan Princeps as I think the overall look is very officer-esque. The tall and firm pose, his tablet/gadgets and the (somewhat) outdated flak vest makes a perfect fleet officer whose purpose is to advise the Company Commander and coordinating Navy assets on the field. I replaced the Princeps head with that from a Vox Operator and added some additional field equipment like a knife, a water canteen, and some ammo pouches to his belt. This helps to reinforce the contrasting roles between a ground trooper and a fleet commander. His bionic arm also adds a lot of character as I imagine it to be the result of dangerous space combat. I’m working on  a full tactica where I’ll discuss my army list and the choice of taking a Master of the Fleet to the upcoming No Retreat tournament – so stay tuned for further updates!



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