CLASH of Dice & Men II – The aftermath


As the crows feast upon the dead, the victorious feast in their halls, and the dead McFeast in Valhallaaaaaa!
Lo and behold we pulled it off! Our second local SAGA tournament was a hit, and we almost doubled the number of participants since last time as well. Before we delve into the details I’d like to yet again thank the great and supportive people over at Gripping Beast! Thanks to you we could amp up our price pool and offer prices such as a Starter Warband of Norse-Gaels, a unit of Crusaders, and a unit of Swords-for-hire! This meant that we could focus a part of our budget to include a Player’s Goodie bag that consisted of a cloth dice bag, a handfull of glass fatigue tokes, and a unique Viking Warlord figure! I’d also like to thank our players who are ever so encouraging and appreciative. Together we’ve managed to build a player base of around 12 people since last year (when no-one here played the game), and yet more – mostly Viking scum! – are getting into the game.

Withouth further ado here are the final standings from yesterdays CLASH

Player name   W/D/L         Game 1     2     3     4     Score

Alexander H   W(4)                         3     3      4     4      14pts
Jonatan             W(3), L                   1     3      4     4     12pts
Hamza               W(2+1*), L             3    0     3     4       10pts
Johannes          W(3), L                   3    3      3     0       9pts
Hans                   W(2), L(2)              3    0      1     4       8pts
David                 W(+1*), L(2)           0    3      4     0       7pts
Herman            W(2*), L(2)             3    0      0     3       6pts
Kristofer           W, L(3)                    1    3      1      0      5pts
Pedro                 L(4)                        0     0      0     0      0pts
Viktor                 –
Alexander K     –

*Win through ‘Bye’, note that in order to maximize play time for new comers and players from abroad, some of the Byes were handed out incorrectly.
– Two players had to cancel due to sickness, I’ve placed them last to show the number of enrolled players and the different factions represented.

Warlord Prime (1st place): Alexander H
Second mate (2nd place): Jonatan
Serf of the Year! (Sportsman): Kristofer
Scattered Dice Award (Best painted, themed and composed army): Hamza

Here’s a collection of pictures taken as well for you to enjoy until the hobby pixies have edited the video recordings.


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