Never trust a mercenary! WHFB 8th Edition Battlereport #1 Empire vs. Dwarfs

The first rays of sunlight pierced the autumn sky and revealed the nearly one hundred tents and makeshift shelters that had occupied Silverhorn Valley of Ostermark for almost three months. In addition to the mercenaries stemming from all over the Empire, the encampment housed desperate fortune seekers, vagabonds, prostitutes, and other misfits. Calling it an army would have been overrated but it was an experienced force made up of adventurers and sell-swords, led by Arch Prefectus Hademar Greiffhart himself – an ill fortuned opportunist who had been outlawed from the Holy Imperial Sigmarite Cult and now wanted for treason and gluttony. With his last savings he had managed to scramble enough men to march against the merchant town of Silverhollow in an attempt scare his political enemies and squeeze the coins off of more fortunate bastards. Only fifteen recruits had deserted during the night and a dozen more had fallen ill, which meant that he could still pull off the siege. Had it not been for the merchants’ cowardly alliance with the Dwarves of Karak-Kadrin he could have taken the town several weeks ago, but Dwarven raiding parties kept harrassing anyone who approached the outskirts of the town bearing arms. Hademar knew he had to take the Dwarves by surprise in order to make a real dent in their defences, so he ordered his captains to make ready for battle and march by midday…

As both armies marches onto the battlefield, the mercenary general takes the initiative and begins the first turn of the game!
As both armies marches onto the battlefield, the mercenary general takes the initiative and begins the first turn of the game!

This is a battlereport from a game of Warhammer 8th ed. between two 2500pt armies of Empire and Dwarfs, using our new gaming mats from UrbanMatz. Please note that it was almost a year since we played Warhammer 8th edition regularly, so a couple of mistakes were made during the game but decided to keep on playing for the sake of the narrative. The army lists were:

Empire Mercenary Contingent
Arch Lector on Barded Warhorse: Heavy armor, Greatweapon, Dragonhelm, White cloak of Ulric, Luckstone
Wizard Lord: Lvl4, Light, Dispel Scroll
Captain of the Empire: BSB, Fullplate armor, Enchanted Shield, Dawnstone, Ironcurse Icon, sword of striking
Captain of the Empire on Imperial Pegasus: Fullplate armor, Lance, Charmed shield, Potion of foolhardiness
Warriorpriest: Heavy armor, shield, handweapon
10 Knights of the Inner Circle: FCG, The Steel Standard
13 Crossbowmen: Standard
23 Spearmen: FCG
5 Archers Detachment
5 Archers Detachment
25 Greatswords: FCG, Razor standard
4 Demigryph Knights: Musician
1 Great cannon
1 Hellblaster Volleygun
1 Steamtank

Dwarf army
Lord with Shieldbearers: Great Weapon, Rune of Iron, Rune of Stone, Rune of Wardingx3
Runesmith: Great Weapon, Rune of Spellbreakingx2
Thane: BSB Master Rune of Grugni, Shield
25 Longbeards: Great Weapons, FCG, Rune of Sanctuary, Rune of Stoicism
10 Quarrellers: Great Weapons, Standard Bearer
10 Quarrellers: Great Weapons, Standard Bearer
1 Cannon
1 Gyrocopter: Steam Gun
1 Gyrocopter: Steam Gun
18 Hammerers: FCG
20 Ironbreakers: FCG, Rune of Stoicism
1 Flame Cannon: Rune of Forging
1 Organ Gun: Rune of Accuracy, Rune of Forging

Just click on the first thumbnail below and use the arrows to navigate through the slide-show of the battle! Don’t forget the After Action Conclusions in the end of the article, enjoy.

After a good two-and-a-half hour game we rounded up our victory points, with the Dwarves coming out on top, and shared our thoughts on the game. It was nice to finally get back into Warhammer Fantasy which has been dormant in our local area for quite a while but on the rise again thanks to some new players getting active and older ones dusting off their armies. Here are some after action thoughts from both of us.

Fredrik (The Empire): Yikes! This was a great game despite the swing in the last turns! I’ve beaten this army several times before and might have gone in to this game a bit overconfident. Some major set backs for me was the captain who failed to kill 3 naked dwarves and their cannon despite having 4 attacks at strentgh 6+2 attacks at strength 4, and a stomp – followed up by 5 attacks at strength 4, and a stomp in the next turn – before getting counter-charged in the flank by those pesky Quarellers. I lost a good late game re-director because of that which made the flank charge into the Greatswords inevitable. Also, the Knights failing to threaten the softer Dwarven flank thanks to the Steamtank getting bogged down in front of them was also a big turning point that took away pressure from the Dwarves, maybe I should have just sat back and let him come to me once I had the upper hand (in points) for taking out his artillery? But nobody remembers a coward, especially if you’re looking to sell your fighting skills to others in the future! The mercenaries will have to regroup and come back for another round once we find a wealthy prick who can pay for our services.

Herman (Dwarfs): From my point of view the game against the Empire went up and down. It felt like that during the two, three first turns not much happened. Although, now in hindsight I can see that the six wounds my cannon inflicted on the Steam Tank made sure that it got stranded and in the way for that nasty unit of knights. The flame cannon inflicting about 13 wounds on the Greatswords over a couple of turns made them a little bit weaker, but it couldn´t make them flee. Other than the Cannon and the Flame cannon the shooting didn´t do much, and after turn 3 both were dead anyways. The organ gun shot about 30 shots the first three turns and only inflicted about 4 wounds on the Demigryphs. I must say that my charge rolls were very lucky. All the charges I rolled for succeeded. The first one with my Gyrocopter charging the Captain on Pegasus made sure that my cannon could shoot one turn more. The one that was very lucky and made sure that the victory went to the dwarfs was when my Hammerers succeeded with a 11” charge into the flank of the nasty knights. It was hammer time!


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