War never changes – Lords of War 40k recap

What a weekend people! I’ve just recovered from an overwhelming feeling of wellbeing after the Lords of War 40k-tournament, and thought I’d share some of the experiences with you. We worked so hard for this event: with everything from planning, building and painting terrain, to prepping player goodie bags, and the actual execution or work ‘on the ground’. Thanks to my fellow organizers and the participants I think it’s safe to say that the event went beyond our expectations. Out of the twenty-ish applications that we received, twelve players took to the battlefields (featuring a Catachan Deathworld, a Prometheum refinery, and a Suburban wasteland to name a few) with their beautifully painted armies to fight for four different Lords of War trophies. Below is the final scoreboard from the tournament.


In addition to the 1st and 2nd place trophies, we also had a player vote and prize for ‘Best Army in Show’ and tournament ‘Sportsman’. Both of these were claimed by Bartosz from Southern Painting who showed up with his Tau army after visiting the hospital on the eve of battle. Keep your eyes open for future events as we will more than likely host another Lords of War 40k-tournament, with additional spots, come summer.

I’ll leave you with some awesome pictures (all photos by Johannes B.Wolf unless otherwise stated) and a short film from the event.


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