A rather unorthodox post apocalyptic gang

I’m working on a rules set (or three) to be used for battles in a post apocalyptic setting with whatever minis you find suitable. Carrasco had a few Afghan militia minis he couldn’t find a game for so he donated them to to me and my game. They are originally produced by Eureka miniatures, but are now (due to some heavy modifications and converting) the upholders of good morale and postmodern philosophy – but mostly they roam the wasteland, shoot stooges, and take their shoes. I’d love to hear your opinions on what to name the crew and the individual models in the commentaries. The setting is the south of Sweden wasteland after the wars, the drought, and the salt storms… This is Rost och Röta – probably the last game in the world!

I also recently built and painted six camel riders for the same game! If you are interested in the rules I’ve written then you ought to check out the reviews and battlereports here and here!

Now enjoy these post apocalyptic warrior students!













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