Pax in Nomine Domini! – Crusaders vs. Franks [SAGA battlereport]

Hello and welcome back for another SAGA showdown, this time between my Crusaders and Herman’s Frankish force using 6pt warbands! After having played several of the standard scenarios, like ‘Sacred Ground’, ‘Champions of God’, and the Challenge’, we decided that it was about time we stirred things up a bit. So, after a short discussion we settled on playing ‘the Last Stand!’ from the Crescent and the Cross rulebook, which is a challenging scenario for both defender and attacker alike. I really wanted to make sure that I got to attack in this scenario, mainly because the Crusaders are quite an aggressive army, but also since the risk of not unlocking virtues in time can make defending extremely hard and annoying. This scenario uses an interesting but tricky mechanic where both players bids a secret number between 1-10, which is translated to the number of turns each player thinks he/she can destroy the enemy army in. The lowest bidder automatically becomes the attacker, which basically means that you have to wager between a bid that not only gets you the role you want to play, but also gives you a chance of winning should you become the attacker. I opted to bet for 7 turns, while Herman placed a total of 8 turns in his bet. As I was the lowest bidder I became the attacker, set to destroy Herman’s entire army (not counting the Warlord) within seven turns. The scenario also allows the attacker to use the ‘Endless Warband’ special rule which means that warriors and hearthguard that have previously been killed can form up fresh units that can re-deploy on the table as the game progress – this in turn means that the defender will have to watch out and not try to kill too many soldiers from the attacking force. A tricky situation to handle even for a skilled player!

I took the following army:
1 Warlord
8 Mounted Hearthguards
8 Hearthguards on foot w. great weapons
9 Warriors on foot w. spears/shields
7 Warriors on foot w. crossbows

Herman’s army consisted of:
1 Charlemagne, Emprah of the West
8 Mounted Hearthguards (Charlie’s bodyguard: armor 6. Please note that we played this unit a bit wrong as it can only consist of a total of 6 models)
4 Mounted Hearthguards
8 Warriors on foot w. bows
8 Warriors on foot w. bows




3 thoughts on “Pax in Nomine Domini! – Crusaders vs. Franks [SAGA battlereport]

  1. thats a great batrep, thank you. Lovely painting and clear descriptions of whats going on. May I ask how you made your gaming surface? Did you flock a whole table or is it one of those mats made for railway folk?

    • Thanks Corwen! I hope the report wasn’t too one sided, it was pretty much a game of chasing Franks 🙂 we will play more interesting scenarios in the future! The mat is actually an old GW mat (6×4) that we cut along the middle to get two SAGA sized mats. It’s a bit green but with some scenery it’s quite nice!
      Hope you return for future reading 🙂

      • that mission always ends up a chase! Just as well you both had cavalry. I didn’t recognise it as the old GW mat, looks good. such a shame they discontinued that in favour of their super expensive plastic square things that no-one has space to store 🙂

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