Vargavinter! – Vlka Fenryka project log pt.1

We have a saying here in the north, vargavinter, which literally translates into wolven/wolfish winter. A saying that perfectly sums up my past two weeks of hobbying. Remember that article I wrote about starting a Deathguard project some time ago? Well, long story short: fuck that, it is time for the sons of Russ to hunt some heretics!

Two things drove me into starting a Space Wolves army. First of all, after seeing around eight or so Leviathan Siege Dreadnoughts, of different colours and flavour, at the No Retreat V tournament I just knew I had to get one. I really hated that model when it was released but it has grown on me and thus I needed to start an Astartes army to have a reason to get one. Second of all, as the weather turned colder here I was haunted by the thought of taking on one of the classic Chapters of 40k and mix 1980’s hairstyles, wolf kitsch, and viking tropes with my grimy painting style. What could possibly go wrong?!

I already had a couple of unpainted mkIV Marines and a Contemptor Dreadnought lying in a box since way back when I dove into 30k, and thanks to some luv from my wolf bruv I was able to stack up on a lot of Space Wolf bits. Also, he made sure to ease my plastic cravings and sold me a bunch of Tartaros Terminators as well as some forgeworld Rapier weapon platforms. What a gent! With such a starting force and minimal building job to do, priming and getting on to painting these cubs went smoother than ever. All in all I managed to get these miniatures done over a couple of nights. I chose a pale bluish-grey palette with some yellow accents as I wanted the power armor to pop even though it would be heavily battle damaged. Yellow and orange leaves were also added to the bases to create more balance between the yellow helmets and the overall look. I will return with a more detailed how-to-paint article later. First I need to order that Leviathan I mentioned!

In order to enhance the grimdark feeling and stay away from the “this is a viking, he wears a fake horned helmet”-look I only added a few skulls and furs here and there on the models. Runes were also painted wherever it felt right, to create a supersticious and primitive vibe. I think it turned out very well!

Hope you enjoy these, there will be more to come this winter so make sure to come back and have a look at whatever crazy space viking thingy I paint next.



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