Resin reinforcements! – Vlka Fenryka project log pt.2

*Bark* *bark* *growl* k-9 friends! I don’t really like to post WIPs of grey plastics but I just felt I had to get these pictures out so you can follow the current state of my wolf project. This week I got a care package from my good bud Martin at WargamesUK containing some much needed teeth for my army! He provided me with the anvil smasher himself – Arjac Rockfist! So, I finally took the time to sit down with some resin from the dark corners of my closet and the rest of the haul I brought home a couple of weeks ago, and spent a good four hours of late night glue-jitsu!

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Elysian Droptroops in 8th edition – theory and practice pt.3

We’re in the pipe – five by five!
Hey and welcome back reader, to the final installment of my Elysian Droptroops in 8th edition-series. This article won’t be too long as I’ve pretty much made all my points regarding how the space rangers fare in the latest edition of 40k. Instead I’d like to share with you the army list that I’m taking to the No Retreat 5 tournament in Gibraltar this weekend, as well as a couple of pictures of my painted collection of Elysians!

The fast and the furious – 2000pts of Elysian Droptroops!

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Elysian Droptroops in 8th edition – theory and practice pt.2

Welcome back trooper! In the last post I talked about my impressions of how the Elysian Droptroops have changed in the eighth edition of 40k from a theoretical point of view. While theorizing and doing your math hammer is a good exercise for deepening your knowledge of the game, at some point you really have to stick your cheek out and throw a few punches to get a feel for how your army will perform in your local meta. In this post, I’ll cover some of my experiences with taking the Elysians to the grand tournament at the convention Malmö Wargaming Weekend.

Veterans clearing out a compound. Photo by: Benny Sand.

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Elysian Droptroops in 8th edition – theory and practice pt.1

Veterans of the 101st Company advancing into firing positions. Picture by: Benny Sand.

G’dafternoon troopers! At ease!
It’s been a while since I talked about the gem of my nerdcave, namely my Elysian Droptroops army. Since the release of 8th edition I’ve managed to get about ten games under my belt, and with No Retreat V on the horizon, time has come to evaluate the main tactics and playstyle behind the army lists that I have tried so far. I also took the 101st Light Company to a 30 player tournament recently where I managed to end up second best (scoring the most victory points in the entire tournament), which gave me an opportuniy to run the Elysians against some of the tougher lists in the current meta. In this series of articles I’ll discuss the general changes that the new edition brought for the airborne, while moving on to a more detailed unit-by-unit review the closer we get to the tournament day!

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Pax in Nomine Domini! – Crusaders vs. Franks [SAGA battlereport]

Hello and welcome back for another SAGA showdown, this time between my Crusaders and Herman’s Frankish force using 6pt warbands! After having played several of the standard scenarios, like ‘Sacred Ground’, ‘Champions of God’, and the Challenge’, we decided that it was about time we stirred things up a bit. So, after a short discussion we settled on playing ‘the Last Stand!’ from the Crescent and the Cross rulebook, which is a challenging scenario for both defender and attacker alike.Read More »

Operation: Adamant Strike- Elysian Droptroops vs. Tau [40k 8th ed. battlereport]

The Xenos incursion was swift and resolute in this system. Within a matter of days every Imperial navy ship had been either destroyed or captured, and the local Planetary Defence Force proved little to no resistance against the superior weaponry of the Tau. Any survivors that had not accepted submission into the false Xeno empire had either fled into the wastelands, or formed small gangs of militia who spent more time fighting each other than the enemies of mankind.
Lt. col. Myron of the 101st had gone through every report and vox transmission from the initial assault on Verdis Prime in order to study the tactics of his alien adversary. Co-ordinated suppressive fire with guided targeting missiles and pulse weapons, followed by jet deployed specialist strike teams of battlesuits and drones. The Tau were a well equipped and seasoned host of warriors, but one thing they had not: the Emperor’s blessing. Operation Adamant Wedge was under way and the 101st, supported by a small group of Grey Knights, were the speardhead. The plan was as bold as dauntless: after establishing a firing line with elysian recon forces, the rest of the army would strike from above and deploy using the High Altitude Combat Drop-doctrine. Myron looked at brother Captain Severus on the other side of the briefing table. A stern warrior cleric clad in ancient terminator armor, decorated with the sacred insignias of the Inquisition, stood in silence as the staff team overlooked holographic maps and attack patterns. Myron’s requests of having a small unit of Terminators dispatched to the 101st for the initial assault had finally been granted. “Make your peace with the Emperor, brother Captain…” he said, “…we make planetfall in 6 hours!”. 

A Tauros Venator engage an airborne Tau Commander in a ruined industrial zone.

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