Tizca shall burn! – Vlka Fenryka project log pt.5

Have you ever had that annoying sibling who believes in sparkly magic and loves candy red clothing? Well chances says you have, but fear not because there is a steaming hot cure all the way from the forges of Fenris spelled A-R-M-O-R-E-D F-U-R-Y! I managed to finish two new war machines for my Space Wolves legion this weekend, and thought I might as well throw some pictures up before I take some well earned vacation. Enjoy!Read More »


Tutorial: How to magnetize a Sicaran Battletank

Hello and welcome back you plastic pervs (!) to yet another update on my Astartes project! It is almost time to prime here but before I can paint up my latest batch of models I had to conduct some plastic surgery on my Sicaran. As I could not find a decent magnetizing tutorial online, and since I had my camera within rapid fire range, I figured I might as well document it all for you. In this article I’ll take you through the whole process of magnetizing the side sponsons on a Sicaran Battletank, so that you can be that guy who changes weapon loadouts faster than a GW fanboy can spell F-A-Q.Read More »

More resin on the bench!


Hey there people, it’s been a while but Russ have I’ve been busy! Summer is here and I’ve managed to play about ten games with my Space Wolves and the list that I was about to take to No Retreat 7 in Gibraltar later this summer. After evaluating my armchair general performance against some really good armies I had no choice but to get some more plastic crack in order to tweak the list. This means both good and bad news. Good: by the time I have settled for my 1750pts list, I will have around 2400pts in total to choose from and enough models to play larger games with. Bad: most of the units I have now taken out of the army were already painted, which means that my to-do-pile is rapidly growing. In this article, I will show you some of the resin kits that is currently waiting to get some attention.Read More »

Painting battle damaged power armor – Vlka Fenryka project log pt.4

Welcome back to another update from the wolf lair! This week I’m going to run you through the process of how I painted and weathered my Space Wolves’ power armor! When I jumped on the Astartes train I knew from the get go that I didn’t wan’t shiny, clean, and ultra highlighted little dudes. So, since I had some cool products in my dungeon drawers that I had wanted to try out for a long time, I thought this was the time to push myself and do something more advanced. Let’s dig right in.Read More »

Another pup to join the pack – Vlka Fenryka project log pt.3

Heyooo vikings of the e-fjords! Welcome back for another week of hobby therapy. I’m currently working on a really nice tutorial on how I painted the battle-damaged power armor for my Space Retrievers. As it is not quite finished yet, and since I found a really nice inspo-wave to surf on this weekend, I managed to paint up my Leviathan Dreadnought in one go – I snapped some pictures of it for you to feast upon as I continue on the painting article.

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Lords of War III – the aftermath

Welcome back warmongers! What a weekend. What a weekend indeed! Two days ago me and my partners in crime hosted one of the best and most exclusive 40k event in Southern Sweden to date. Im talking about the third installment of the Lords of War series, where 16 players with beautifully painted armies fought across eight themed high quality tables. It has been a busy winter as I’ve been hauling ass to get everything together, but hot damn it paid off, and I am blown away by the appreciation we got from the community – from friendly visitors to extatic participants opening goodie bags and re-uniting with old battle brothers. For eight hours straight our players focused on conquering the title of Lord of War – the tension in the air was electric to say the least. Well, let’s get onto what you really came here for: pictures and the scoreboard.

Enjoy, and make sure to apply for the next one!Read More »

Getting dirty in the pig sty! Making quick and easy SAGA and fantasy terrain.

What’s up hobby hunchbacks?! Things have been busy around here as the team is preparing for the Lords of War 3 tournament later in January, but I hope you had a great holiday season! I managed to get some me-time inbetween the family gatherings which resulted in some finished terrain for either SAGA or Fantasy games. In this post I’ll walk you through the process of making easy and generic yet atmospheric terrain pieces to breathe some life into your gaming table.

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