I’ve been into the wargaming hobby for about 15 years or so. I first got into collecting miniatures when Warhammer 40k 4th edition was just released. Back then all I cared about was buying cool minis from different armies, slapping some really shitty paint on them (I think I even tried watercolor at some time) and then put them on a shelf in my room. I didn’t play a lot since one of our local game stores closed before I fully understood the concept of miniature gaming. It took me 1-2 years finding the next cool place to buy miniatures and hang aroung but when a store called Utopia opened up it brought a major change to the hobby around here (at least for me). This store had really encouraging and inspiring owners and they put alot of care into tables and terrain to ensure maximum ‘cool factor’ – they even kept their battlebunker open for fully painted armies only! This spurred me to collect and paint an entire army instead of just cool and different kits. I got to know some cool cats about my age and we started to play at home, some of us even play to this day at another local store.
My main interest is painting and modelling. I consider myself more of a hobbyist than a gamer and as a result I tend to collect and play armies that probably wouldn’t make it to the top tables at any GT but I try to make sure they look damn cool while losing. I hope you enjoy my painting style and the tutorials and showcases that will be my main contribution to this blog.

SN Award for best (painted, themed and composed) tournament army, No Retreat III 2016, Gibraltar.
‘Best Model in Show’, single model category at the Swedish Championship for Warhammer Fantasy 2015, Jönköping Sweden.
‘Best painted Army’ at the game convention/tournament WarCon 2015, Varberg Sweden.


Been into all sorts of gaming but right now I play a lot of LCGs and miniature wargames. I started my wargaming career as a young basement dweller with Chaos Space Marines in 40k third edition but didn’t really play or paint that much until later on. After 40k started to change a lot in directions I didn’t like, I tried out some Warmachine/Hordes which has a large local scene, but I don’t enjoy the visual style and the steep learning curve. I found true wargaming happiness in Flames of War which is has a decent rule set, great looking miniatures and a friendly community to hang with. I tend to be more on the gaming side of things but I try to paint models to a decent standard. I will contribute in that area with miniature reviews, battle reports and maybe a couple of articles on strategies that work for me.


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