Age of the Wolf Campaign

In the grim darkness of 800 to 1050 there is only war. Here the rosters of the mighty heroes partaking will be displayed. Currently, Season 5 is played until 28th of May.

House Rules

House Rules for Missions

Harry and Burn
Models may not move within VS of a building occupied by the enemy. An unit that ends any activation in an burning building gains a Fatigue.

Sacred Ground
Use the Scenario from the book but with Escalation rules. That means a terrain piece may not give more points than the current turn number.

House Rules for Warlord Casualty Table

Switch places between the Dead and Captured results. That means, a 4-5 to becomes Captured  result and a 6 to becomes Dead result.

Song of Swords – the off season campaign

While each campaign season is about the story of your up and coming leader, the real Kings of the realms are locked in a perpetual state of war. Players who wish to fight in these battles may do so in the Song of Swords Off Season Campaign. To participate in Song of Swords, the player will need a 6 point army of the same faction as used in the main campaign. The composition of this army may change between battles. For fighting in each Song of Swords Season the player will gain the following:

  • For winning one battle or participating in two battles, the player gains a reroll to be used in the next Fate Table roll of the next Age of the Wolf campaign battle.
  • For winning two battles or participating in four battles, the players Warlord will be accompanied by a Bard in the next Age of the Wolf battle. The bard follows the rules found in Crescent & Cross. If the bard survives that battle, gain either +1 Reputation or add two new warriors/one new hearthguard to an existing unit. Word of your great deeds will be spread far and wide!
  • If both players agree, the same army rosters and rules from Age of the Wolf may be used in the Off Season battle.

Song of Swords Scenarios for Season 4:

Roll randomly for a Scenario in Crescent & Cross.