What is Scattered Dice?

the Scattered Dice Blog is a community driven blog of likeminded hobbyists who share a certain passion for miniatures and tabletop wargaming. It’s community driven in the sense that it’s based around our gaming group in Malmö, southern Sweden, with the support of talented painters and co-writers from around the world. Aiming to inspire each other and whoever that thinks our ramblings are worth following, we focus on showcasing paintjobs, conversions, product reviews as well as written battlereports and tutorials. The diversity of the games we play will be reflected in the blog which means that posts may vary from week to week – hopefully you’ll find something that tickles your interest from each author and every week.

Scattered Dice Gaming is an offshoot gaming community of this blog, that aims to host the most memorable and impressive wargaming events in southern Sweden. We have organized several Warhammer Fantasy Battles, Warhammer 40.000, and SAGA-events and are constantly trying to improve ourselves and inspire our participants.




One thought on “What is Scattered Dice?

  1. Great stuff! I found my way here through a contact with Johannes! It is great to see that there is such a thriving community so close to where I live in Lund. All the best to you all in your gaming!

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