Lords of War 40k!

War. War never changes!
New year means new season of tabletop war. Scattered Dice Gaming proudly presents the fourth annual Lords of War tournament – this time we’re bigger, better, and we are more excited than ever to provide you with the best battlefields – you don’t want to miss out on this one!

When? 28-29th of July, 2018
Where? To be announced… (The venue will be in either Malmö och Lund)
Cost? 350kr

Format? 1850pts of battleforged armies, using the latest Warhammer 40.000 8th edition Index, Codex, or Forgeworld equivalent source book. All armies must be based and fully painted to a three color minimum. Up to 3 detachments may be used per player. A maximum of 1 ‘Supreme Command Detachment’ may be used per Battalion detachment in the army. A more indepth format description will be provided in the upcoming players pack which is due in about month’s time. We kindly ask players to have patience as we try out the 2018 Beta Rules in order to make a sober decision on whether or not to include these in the current tournament format.

How do I apply?! Simply send an e-mail to scattereddicegaming@gmail.com including your name, what army you are planning to play. Once we reply with payment information, and when your payment have been confirmed, consider yourself on the guest list of badassdom!

Lords of War 40k is a Warhammer 40.000 tournament organized by the miniature gaming community Scattered Dice Gaming. We aim to establish a series of events that offers that little extra something to it’s participants. This includes playing on beautifully themed custom tables and terrain, a nice mix of competitive and casual play, one time-only goodie bags and accessories, and a community friendly atmosphere. If you haven’t heard it before, this is bringing hobby back!


Here are some videos from our previous events

Lords of War III

Lords of War II

Lords of War I and event trailer