Howling Axes – Our first SAGA v.2 tournament

Welcome back pagans and choir boys to another SAGA related article! About a week ago we organized our first SAGA tournament since the release of the second edition of the game. We had a good variety in armies and got to meet some new players from Denmark as well! In this article I’ll discuss some of our thoughts behind the format, and summarize our experiences with chosing scenarios for future events.

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Semper Fidelis – Castellan class Imperial knight titan

Yet another weekend have passed and yet another model stands on the table, ready to join the colored world of miniature gaming. I’ve had an insane hobby mojo throughout the week, and in this article I’ll showcase a Castellan Knight that I whipped out for a friend. Take a look at the result below!

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The Crusaders revisited – SAGA 2nd edition review.

Hey there all peepz, squares, fellows, comrades, and pipsqueaks! Time for Alex, a new co-pilot here, to hijack the blog a little for a blast from the past! It’s been way too much cowardly hiding inside tanks and behind gun emplacements and the such lately here, so I’m going to bring back the glory-days where a man was brave bold and strong enough to face his foe eye-to-eye and smash and batter him until he was naught but pulp! Yup, SAGA is back on the agenda, and after a tournament set in the Crusades time-period I figured I’d do a review on the battleboard of the main show fraction, the Crusaders themselves!Read More »

Tanksgiving, resin treats, and the hobby road ahead.

Welcome back plastic crack-a-holics! After a short hobby hiatus I’m back with some new and exciting projects ahead of me. Those of you who follow my instagram account (FredandBrush) got the hint last week, and to the rest of you: check your gear and start digging those foxholes! In genereal, the next year will take me back to the beloved world of historical wargaming – and the second world war in particular. I will reveal the true scope of this project in an upcoming article, but in the meantime I wanted to share an unboxing and some thoughts on two resin tanks from Warlord Games.Read More »

Baby got Razorback – Vlka Fenryka army project log pt.9

Calling all warriors of Fanhalla! It’s been a while but lo and behold the Alpha is back at the paintstation. I will give a more thorough runthrough of my experiences from the last No Retreat tournament in Gibraltar – where my Wolves did quite good considering I had only played 3 games with the new codex prior to the event. In the meantime here are some pictures of my recently finished Razorback, and Rapier Quad Friend-Maker.Read More »

Hammer time! – Vlka Fenryka army project log pt.8

Hello wolfaholics and welcome back to the final Space wolves update before I fasten my seatbelt and travel to Gibraltar to attend the 7th No Retreat tournament! I have been procrastinating my Wulfen unit for a very long time, partly because I wanted to get the conversions right, but also because I have been afraid of laying my brush on them. Today I’m happy to show you the result of my latest weekend paintathlon. Buckle up, put on some MC Hammer and get ready to collect some skulls!Read More »