Cadian Destroyer Tank Hunter – Commission work for a friend

Some time ago I asked a good old friend if I could commission paint his Destroyer Tank Hunter as it had been tucked away in a box (built and primed but never showcased or played with) for quite a while. I didn’t charge him anything as I wanted to try out a couple of weathering techniques and heat effects for the first time, insuring him that I would repaint it until he was satisfied of course. I also had another friend shoot some fancy pictures of it with his tactical sniper rifle of a camera for an upcoming portfolio of mine. Below are the results. I’m always open to do commission work under certain circumstances and if you have any inquiries feel free to drop me a comment through this blog. As of now, the owner has commissioned me to paint two Imperial Bombards in a matching color scheme so make sure to check back in the future for more of this tank company madness. All pictures are (c) Niklas Killander, 2016, used with permission.

The finished project. I learnt a lot from the process and hopefully the owner is proud as well.
The main color scheme is based on a soft edge camo pattern using drab army colors of olive, green-gray and khaki. I went for a realistic look, avoiding painting any tools and equipment in wood colors and so on. In the army, everything is green.
The back exhaust is sooted with black pigments and weathering particles. I also used some rusty pin washes and streaking grime around bolts and armor parts. The tracks and side armor were weathered with a dirt mix of pigments, fine sand, and brown colour.

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